Industrial Work Carpentry Whistleblowing is Industrial Work Carpentry S.r.l.‘s whistleblowing channel, here you can report wrongdoing anonymously or claim to have reasonable suspicion of it.

Through this page, you can submit information on misconduct or report actions that are unethical, illegal or violate internal regulations.

The platform is to be used to bring to light issues that otherwise would not have come to light. The report can be sent confidentially stating your name and contact details or, if you prefer, completely anonymously. All communications are treated securely and confidentially.

It is always recommended to use the confidential reporting option, as it provides the best possible processing of cases and guarantees the best possible protection.

Human resources issues cannot be reported via this system, but should be discussed with your direct superior, manager or human resources officer.

From this page, you can create a new report or stay updated on an existing report.

Following up on your reports can be relevant for many reasons:
1) You wish to know the status of your report to ensure that action is taken.
2) You wish to provide additional information on your report.
3) The competent office requested additional information to help solve the problem or take appropriate action.