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Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) recognises the importance of protecting personal information and is committed to processing it responsibly and in compliance with applicable data protection laws in all countries in which Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) operates.

This Privacy Statement describes the general privacy practices adopted by Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – EU Regulation 2016/679), more information about the regulation can be found at: The user’s personal data are collected by Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) through the use of the website. Translated with (free version)


Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) is the ‘data controller’ of all personal information collected and used for the conduct of its business activities. It has its registered office in Via Industriale 172, 25020 Capriano del Colle (BS), tax code 03626390987, VAT number IT03626390987. The official contact details to which you can write are the company’s registered office and mailboxes: PEC or the general mailbox

What personal data do we collect?

Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) does not require the data subject to provide so-called ‘special’ data, i.e., according to the provisions of the GDPR (art. 9), personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, as well as genetic data, biometric data intended to uniquely identify a natural person, data concerning a person’s health or sexual life or sexual orientation. Translated with (free version) If the service requested from Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) requires the processing of such data, the data subject will be informed in advance and asked to give his consent.

Personal data means all information about you that enables us to identify you and interact with you for business or commercial purposes, such as your first name and surname, your contact details, your e-mail address, your company name and tax data for billing purposes. We may collect personal data from you when you subscribe to our newsletter, when you request to use one of our portals on a trial basis, when you attend an event (informative, promotional, cultural, educational, etc.) organised by Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) or by Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l.’s (IWC) business partners


User data may be used for the following purposes:

Elaborate an information request and/or send an economic offer.
Provide the requested products and services.
Administrative or legal purposes.
Send communications to manage and improve our services.
Recruitment (processing of CVs and data of candidates giving consent)
Send communications relating to our events (informative, promotional, cultural, educational, etc.).
Sending promotional material or commercial information.
Sending newsletters.
At any time, you always have the possibility of refusing the sending of commercial information by unsubscribing from our list of recipients.

We will not retain data for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was acquired. These general retention periods apply to all personal data that we have collected for the purpose of a contact with you or to enter into a contract with you or to complete such a contract or because we have a legal obligation to process it. For customers who have not been active for more than 12 months, we also anonymise their contact data, retaining only their tax data for accounting purposes in accordance with the law.


The data provided to us by users are protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL is the standard method of encrypting personal data or enabling their secure transfer over the Internet.


We may share your personal information with legal counsel and other professionals, courts and law enforcement agencies in order to protect our legal rights in connection with our contract with you and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.


Our site uses cookies to enable us to improve our service and offer you some useful functionality. Cookies are small text files that are transferred to your computer’s hard drive via your web browser to enable us to recognise your browser. This technology is used exclusively to obtain information for statistical analysis on the use of the site and to allow certain services to function that require identification of the user’s path through the navigation pages. The cookies used are anonymous and cannot be traced back to the user’s personal data. Nominative cookies, such as to allow identification of the person by cross-referencing with possible databases, may only be used to speed up identification for access to restricted parts of the site and to certain personalised services and only for those users who have already given their consent to register. Most browsers are set up to receive cookies. If you prefer, you can change the settings, but some functions of the site may be precluded. For more information on cookies and how to prevent your browser from accepting them, please visit the following website:


The website uses additional cookies operated by other organisations (‘Third Parties’). The handling of information collected by third parties is governed by the relevant policies to which please refer.


Web portal data are allocated on Register Hosting (you can visit to view the privacy policy)

All data are stored on databases using mysql technology, and are encrypted and protected from third-party vision. Only our authorised technicians and authorised technicians of our partners may access it for technical interventions or backup procedures agreed with our customers or specified in the conditions of use of the products and/or services.


The data protection officer of Industrial Work Carpentery s.r.l. (IWC) can be contacted on the number

+39 030 5032621


These are those laid down in the GDPR, which can be consulted here: In particular, you may, at any time: Request information on the data we hold on you by sending us a written request. Request the export of all data in a csv, excel format by sending us a written request. Changing or deleting your data using Requests can be made via the website, the links in the latest newsletter we sent you or by sending an e-mail request to In any case, the required procedure will be activated according to the technical schedule.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and any changes will be communicated to you via an email or notice on our website.